Too good to pass up.

Honestly, I know I said I would drop this, but it’s comedy gold! The fan who had commented here asserted the writer I criticized wasn’t young and inexperienced because she’d paid someone to print as few as 15 copies of her books. I thought hmmm… let’s give this lady a Google and see if I was wrong.

So this “journal” that she has also been published in (

has this to say:

Candice Louisa Daquin is of Sephardic origin and immigrated to the US. She currently lives in the American Southwest. She is a long time editor, reviewer and writer of poetry, and has published three books. Her forth will be available this year. Daquin is an ardent supporter of equality and immigration reform.

Her FORTH, you say? I guess spell-check didn’t catch that should have been “fourth” and neither did the editors of this, ahem, prestigious literary magazine. It’s an online only journal and that is dated July 7, 2016; a full year ago.


I mean it comes back again to wanting to convince yourself that you, or the person you are a fan of, are already awesome instead of a work in progress needing a great deal of progress indeed…


5 thoughts on “Too good to pass up.

  1. You know what? You are just a bitch. Here I was thinking that maybe you had originally commented in good faith, actually wanting to help even if you had a funny way of doing it, but in view of your subsequent posts AND comments, there really is no doubt you are just mean and vindictive.

  2. And btw, I’m not a “fan”. You really don’t have to keep demeaning people. It’s like if I pointed out your posts attract 1 or 7 likes, it wouldn’t make you or them worthless, would it? Just as posts with hundreds of likes are not necessarily worthy. I suggest you tone down the bitchiness – for your sake

    • I didn’t think calling you a “fan” was demeaning? I do appreciate that, aside from calling me a bitch, you’ve been measured and level-headed in your comments and I can respect that. I suppose you thought I shouldn’t comment on the Indiana Voice but when you claim to be a “long time editor” and then have a year-old typo I think it’s pretty fair pickings.

    • It wouldn’t make my posts worthless to comment on the few likes I have received, but it would certainly be grounds to challenge me if I brought the claim to be a popular blogger into play.

  3. I can comment in good faith originally and then become sarcastic amd bitchy. They are not mutually exclusive. You are the one who wanted to convince me that her publications were as worthy as those through legitimate channels…

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