Migraine season is starting.

I’ve had a migraine every day since Tuesday. The weather has been really up-and-down here, and barometric pressure is a sure way to give me one, as if the stress weren’t already enough. I use the Migraine Buddy app to track my migraines, and last night there were almost 20,000 other people in my city with one, which is the highest number I’ve ever seen. 

My boss said I didn’t have to go in today to make up the time I missed yesterday, which is so awesome of him because I wouldn’t be able to look at a computer today. I’m so glad I can dictate blog entries and emails with my eyes closed. I have to go get some groceries, because I have literally nothing in the fridge except condiments and a small block of cheese. I’ve had a Percocet and a muscle relaxant, and I’m hoping everything kicks in soon, because it’s really stressful for me to feel like I only have one day to prepare for the work week when I leave everything until Sunday.

More concerning me though, I’m wondering if it’s beginning to shift into the summer weather pattern and if I can expect far more migraines far more often. I haven’t been tracking as diligently as I should have, lately, but I looked up last August and I had 12 migraines during that month. May to August was just horrible, because of the weather. I don’t feel like I’m in any shape to start having migraines all the time for the next for five months. 


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