Went home on pass – director’s cut.

I have my Bluetooth keyboard for my iPad now, so can type in comfort finally and then go downstairs to upload and download stuff. In between my shitty memory at the moment and the fact that I can’t view my old blog posts when I’m up here on the ward writing new ones, I might repeat myself. So if you get.a feeling of deja vu, it may be legit.

I got an “accompanied pass” yesterday until suppertime. Tomorrow it will be two full weeks since I was admitted, so I’ve been getting pretty anxious about whether things are disintegrating at home. I called a girl that I probably blogged  about already – she worked in my department for like a week, quit, we both said “We should totally get together to go for coffee sometime!” And then a year later, in November I think, I actually took her up on it.  So we went for coffee once, then went to a Christmas craft fair, then she brought me some Coke and headphones in the hospital, and then she took me out for yesterday’s pass. So it seems kind of like an accelerated friendship and I’m a little worried about that. I just don’t want it to get intense fast and then have a friendship breakup. 

Anyway, she had to come upstairs to sign me out, have a nurse explain to her that she had to stay with me the whole time (I mean, I could go pee alone but she couldn’t just drop me off somewhere) and then come back to sign me back in at 5:30.

We left the hospital at 12:30 so it was not a lot of time, because there was half an hour of driving each way which already got us down to 4 hours. She brought me an actual espresso-based latte, my first in 13 days, and it was everything I had hoped for – fucking fantastic!  I realized once we were driving that I’d forgotten to get my wallet from the nursing station so I had to ask her to pay for everything and then I’d email her some money today.

So we stopped at Dollarama (God bless Dollarama, honestly, I wish they had been around when I was in university) and I got a notebook, because it has been driving me crazy to have to make notes of stuff on blank sheets of paper from the nurses, and a set of those empty TSA travel containers and something else – I don’t remember what else right now, but not hair ties which were what I meant to get. Oh yah! Some nail files (emery boards).
We got to my house and greeted the cat (who seemed fine), and I gathered up all the garbage and recycling to take outside, and grabbed some Partylite candles that I am exchanging because they don’t smell like anything (I’m looking at you, Marshmallow vanilla) and some pate cat food that the neighbour bought for His Highness (he only likes shredded or some Fancy Feast flavours)

I threw a load of laundry in the wash, all black of course, and we started to collect the stuff that I had written I wanted to grab. I kept losing my train of thought and forgetting what I was doing next so my friend was kind of a constant coach. “I’m in the bathroom! What did I come in here for?” “Shampoo and conditioner!” “Oh, right!” It’s really strange but they don’t have any shampoo or conditioner here. Just this milky green aloe vera stuff that says it’s for a “hospital hygiene program for long-term patient care.”

So yah, that, and I grabbed some more face wipes because my skin certainly isn’t benefiting from being here. I am sure it is partly because I’m not on the daily antibiotics I have at home (for skin-clearing from my GP; they work really well); partly  I’m not taking as good care of it, as there aren’t facecloths or towels in the bathroom, you have to go to the nursing station to get some, and partly because of the stress of it all.

In the end it was mostly a harried, too-short opportunity to tidy up a few things – clean out the fridge, restock cat food, get me the stuff I wanted for in here.


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