Still not eating… They are getting wise!

I’m not “not eating” from some kind of Herculean superpower or anything. I genuinely do not have an appetite, and don’t see the point especially with hospital food.

They seem to be getting wise to me… I used to just not go for my tray, but then someone would either bring it to me or remind me of it. So now I go get the tray, eat whatever is there that I want, like a banana or cup of milk, but not the entree, and put the tray back.

I don’t know if they are looking at what I have left or what; I’m not going to start the Anorexia Olympics by flushing it down the john or anything. I’m not trying to be deceptive, after all.

So tonight at supper I went to collect my tray and there  was an orderly-type guy there – he also does the clipboard and flashlight checks.  He looked up and said “Are you going to EAT, Delaney?” My talent of thinking on my feet was as awesome as ever, cause I said “Uhhhh… I’m going to see what there is?”

Five minutes later my nurse walks in, “just checking” if I’m eating, or trying to. Then she offered me a snack tonight. I’d be happy with milk or a protein shake, but they want you to Eat. Real. Food. Today that was one banana. At least I have control over something! Hopefully they won’t step up their game…


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