Fairweather friends

I’m sure I must have talked on here before (but am too lazy to look up) about “friends.” And how they have been gradually evaporating from my life.

I seem to have just lost another. One of my real friends asked “How can you lose a friend in the hospital?” When they are a shitty person, I guess? 

Here is how it went down. I asked if she could move my car. She replied that her son didn’t drive, she didn’t have an Uber account and a taxi would cost too much. Also she didn’t have my address. This was in the middle of my transfer from DR to the ward, and from wi-fi to texts only, which didn’t help.

So the next day I tried to call and text to see what was up. She didn’t  answer. I got someone else who said they could do it, so texted her to say that. She replied saying she was really offended that I’d think she would agree to something and then just not do it. Like, wouldn’t you text “All good, car at your place now” or something?

Anyway the next thing was the cat sitting. She was emailing me saying how lonely the cat looked.  How he seemed to be stressed. She wanted to take him to her house with two other cats. No, he doesn’t do well with other cats, he’s afraid and doesn’t eat.

So okay, I say that I’ll contact the shelter I got him from and ask if they might have someone for him. At this point I’d been gone all of three days. 

She shoots back with a text; she doesn’t see how I could think leaving him for a whole month would be okay. “Regardless of needing treatment, there are commitments and consequences.” Uh, the fuck? I don’t even know where she came up with that. What part of involuntary commitment don’t you understand?

So I wrote her an email saying we seemed to be at cross purposes and I didn’t see how but surely there was a misunderstanding here, and I thought our friendship was valuable enough to work this out.

She replied that she would not get into the “drama” of texts gone awry, and would be stepping away from our friendship because I reminded her of her ex-boyfriend, with addictions, selfishness, excuses and mess. 

OK then. I don’t even know what to say to that but I guess we can add a tally mark to the Lost Friendships scoreboard. 


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