First Ketamine Treatment.

Holy shit you guys, I was soooooo high two hours ago. The infusion is 40 minutes and the effects kick

 in after 10-15 minutes.

I know there are words for those feelings – “floaty” etc – but they seem to be really inadequate compared to the actual experience.

Basically you are under 1-on-1 supervision of a nurse the whole time. She took my vitals, started an IV, asked if I wanted warm blankets, put some Enya on and said it was my treatment, so I should ask for whatever I want or need.

It was fairly pleasant overall, but a very heavy body stone… at one point I slurred to the nurse that I was thirsty but “couldn’t get organized” to reach over for my water bottle. (She was very kind and brought it to me.)

I had the most incredible sensation that when I closed my eyes, instead of seeing just black I had stripes of colour swatches of Betsey Johnson pinks and was designing handbags in this spacious 3-D pink area behind my eyelids.

When they unhook the IV it still takes a while for the effects to wear off. The nurse had asked me if I was okay and I said “Can I not be left all alone while this wears off?” So she brought some charts into the room to work on. 
You know how you lose your inhibitions when you are drunk? Like “You’re my besht friend!”? Well, I announced to the nurse that “I know I’m better off dead; I’m just too out of it now to organize it!”

So yeah. The experience was okay but I have a big mouth. Hahaha!


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