Things Nurses Don’t Like.

​Before I hit on my plan of just taking and returning the meal trays, a nurse had chirped “Aren’t you going to eat your breakfast?” and I replied cheerfully “Nope! I wasn’t planning on it!” I guess her question was hypothetical but don’t bullshit me, if you want to say “You should eat your breakfast!” then that is what you should say, amirite? I thought that was funny though, hahaha!
Ditto to the “Did you want your morning meds now?” question. I take a stimulant just to help get me up and going in the morning so I can make it to work; but no I don’t want to be awake here. I’d be very happy to sleep the day away. I got away with that for one day, then got a speech of “Well, if you want to work toward your goals…”, i.e. if I want to get out faster I will be a compliant patient.


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