Hospital weight loss diet.

​I have just… stopped eating since I have been here. I had some coffee (a latte) on the way to my appointment last Wed, aaand that brings us to now.

So between Wed morning and now  (dinner Monday) would ordinarily be 17 meals.

I have had:
1. oatmeal raisin cookie
2. 1/4 cup raisin bread pudding
3. One leaf of lettuce
4. Two cups milk
5. One cup juice
6. One bite of a grilled cheese sandwich
7. One can of Coke
8. 1/2 can strawberry hospital Soylent (ensure or boost or whatever)
9. 1/2 can vanilla Soylent
10. 1 banana
11. One piece of industrial fruit cocktail, not sure what fruit it was.
12. One cup tea with milk and sugar
13. Two saltines
14. 1/2 can strawberry Ensure (I looked for the brand this time)

Not bad eh? It is almost 17 things lol.  am sure I have lost weight, not sure how much. It is actually easy because I literally have no appetite, and let’s face it, hospital food is gross.

I suggested they just stop sending trays “with disposable dishware only!”  and send me a cup of milk instead but they said the dietitian “wouldn’t like it.” I used to just not go get my tray off the cart, but then they’d bring it to me and I’d leave it there. Then they would see it was untouched and hassle me.

So now I go get my tray once or twice a day, eat whatever I want (I skipped breakfast; from today’s lunch it was the lettuce leaf and the piece of fruit cocktail) and load it back on the rack. I actually don’t want it to be a power struggle; I’d eat if I were hungry. They did offer to send the dietitian around to see if they could give me what I wanted but unless that is a flat white for breakfast I’m not really hopeful lol.

Kind of amazing that the hospital knives are so dull you couldn’t slice ice cream with them, so I get actual metal utensils but only plastic and Styrofoam plates, cups, etc. You see, dishware would give a sharp edge if it shattered.

At least there is a water/ice dispenser  in the dining room and fast-food type cups with straws and lids. I thought I’d have to drink lukewarm tap water from plastic, ewww.


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