Not getting out, it looks like.

So the shrink on duty just came in, and I was sitting up, hair in an elastic, as perky as I could be, and he asked how I was – “Good!” and if I had any questions, so I said I understood there weren’t any beds, so was I just going to be discharged and then I could be put on a waitlist for some later point? (I thought that would fly better than trying to pull a complete 180, that I was fine-and-dandy now and good to go.)

He said I was at the top of the list and there were two discharges planned for today on the psych wing, so his expectation was that I would get a bed today, but he didn’t want to guarantee because things change and the bed manager and blah blah blah. So I guess the upshot is that is where the ketamine is, and if I try it once and it doesn’t help I can work on being let out because they can’t involuntarily commit you forever.

I don’t know, I still feel like all of this is an overreaction because I’m still in control and I don’t think restraining a person is OK unless they have lost control. But now I’m stuck.


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