Pharmacists can be your best resource… or not.

So I’m sitting here at the pharmacy, having gotten here for 10:00, and I’m “helped” by this gal I have dealt with before. She refused to change my Zomig prescription to the oral dissolving formulation once even though another pharmacist had done it for me before.

I put my prescription on the counter and said “I need to wait for this, please,” and she said “When would you like to pick this up?” like she hadn’t heard a word I’d said. Then she snapped “It’ll be a half an hour,” as if that would deter me. Bitch, if I leave I may not pick this up for days, that is why I need to wait. Maybe if you connected the long list of psych meds I have had filled here to my asking to get these now, you could actually be helpful!

I actually dropped a glove on the way to the car but I thought if I went back to retrieve it I’d go back to bed for the day, so I left it. Luckily it was a dollar store glove. I’m poorly dressed in a short sleeved T-shirt and wool coat, and wet hair from the shower I managed to have, so I’m really killing it today so far. Yuck.


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