I don’t want to be an inpatient.

i’ve done some more reading about ketamine for depression and it seems like it works well, and works fast. The bad part is the idea of becoming an inpatient for it – I am barely managing as is, and I can’t see having to participate in group therapy, go without a phone or iPad, being constantly watched, and not being allowed to do much of anything as being therapeutic.

If they are worried about social media, take the SIM card out, my iPad doesn’t have one anyway. Like why is watching TV okay or a privilege, and reading and colouring is ok all the time, but playing with a phone or iPad is not?  It seems some rules are for the convenience of hospital staff instead of primarily about patients?

I wish they gave ketamine as an outpatient thing but I guess I’ll see what he says in the next appointment and take it from there. Makes me nervous!! I’m tired of thinking about it; bed for me!


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