No more lithium, thank you.

I went into work today and it was really rough. I felt burned out 3 hours in and 6 hours in I had to tap out. Just brain-dead tired, even though I was taking breaks every 25 minutes (pomodoro method) and had coffee and music and conditions were basically ideal. On the way home I started to get seriously nauseous and I think I forgot to eat today. I have totally not been hungry but I think this is the same thing that happened that one day when I called the pharmacist – I just didn’t eat all day. I couldn’t remember on the drive home but sure enough, no dishes at home. I had a small piece of cheese but don’t feel like anything else. I was also going to stop at the grocery store, at least for milk (basis of protein shakes and cereal) but noped out of that, it seems too hard.

So now I’m in bed, it is only 6:00 at night and this is the time of day I always tell my psychiatrist is the worst – when there are hours left before I can reasonably go to sleep but I’m “done” with the day for all intents and purposes.

I don’t know whether I will stop taking lithium now or perhaps five more days, just to show that I’m “compliant” and in case the psychiatrist wants more lab work done. It isn’t working, and has had plenty of time, is my opinion.


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