There is (often) help.

The more depressed I become, the more I blog. The more I blog, the more readers I get. And though I am basically a selfish sad-sack, I feel I should have some Public Service Announcement, so here we go:

Most depression is treatable! And not with hardcore treatment like ECT, either – I mean physical movement (I hate the word exercise as much as I hate doing exercise), counselling/therapy, and/or medication.

My case is an unfortunate exception, where I’ve got a strong family history, a seasonal component, and a history of abuse and trauma, among other things, followed by years of trying to find ways of trying to get on top of depression once and for all. I would really plead with you, if you feel you are depressed, to give yourself an honest and necessary chance to have it properly treated. Resources will depend on where you live, but some Googling or a chat with your family doc might be a good place to start.

To Write Love On Her Arms ( is my favourite website about depression and some of the blog posts are truly beautiful. So please, if depression is new to you, don’t let it end your story without reaching out for help.

thanks for reading this.


2 thoughts on “There is (often) help.

  1. Tried therapy, got some improvement from it but then left when I felt I had gone as far as I could. Now I’m back into it, but I am skeptical of the value any longer. Tried three different drugs, but all I got were side effects and no relief from the depression. Exercise seems to help — I run — but the relief is only for a few hours or if I am lucky a few days. Not sure I can escape from it.

  2. Exercise ….and I mean, sweat pouring off you, lungs burning exercise, really does work, even if only for 24 hours. I go to my local woods which are about 2 miles away. I jog and fast walk there gently as a warm up … but in those woods is a hill .. that is where the real work is done. I use hill sprints to work hard. Half an hour of that and you’ll have the desired effect. If you are not used to sprinting … go slowly and do more repetitions, don’t pull a muscle !

    The other thing I can personally recommend is this :

    1. Ashwaghanda – 500 mg twice a day
    2. Magnesium – 500 mg twice a day
    3. Saffron (ensuring the tablet contains 2% safranal) – once a day, morning
    4. Vitamin D3 – Minimum 3000 iu’s. I use 5000 iu’s as we don’t get much sun here in the UK – once a day, morning

    You can get all these online or at a good health food shop.

    I cannot take prescribed medicines due to my occupation, so these I tried from day 1, and I always notice a difference when I forget to take them for a day.


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