Crying in my office, God help me

I just sent an email to my supervisor that makes me sound like a complete idiot. I thought I was being all detail-oriented, and I asked him why, for such-and-such a project, we hadn’t looked at some of the information that I had found.  He responded, kindly, “Um, we are looking only at women, and it looks like the paper you mentioned was about men…” Oh yeah, right!  So other than being the totally wrong criteria, that was a good find right Boss?

Dammit!  How is he going to trust me to be on top of details if I fuck up such a simple thing? And now I’m sitting crying in my office, I’m sure it is visible, and to get out of here I have to take one of three hallways, all of which are populated.  No one is here that I really trust – both coworkers that knew are gone (one permanently, one for Christmas holidays) and I really don’t want to put this out there, nor do I want to attract attention while leaving early, and I don’t feel like I can do anything else productive when I have been such a fool, such an idiotic loser.  Fuck!


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