Fuck dating sites.

So back in June, when I felt well and optimistic (six months? It might as well be a million years ago) I found a Groupon and signed up with Match.com, and took pics of myself after going to Sephora, and carefully wrote a profile, which resulted in exactly squat – a couple online conversations that went nowhere, one coffee date (there was no second) and endless “matches” that I have nothing in common with, like “Check out Roy456 – you’re both nonsmokers!”

So I gave up about three months in and haven’t logged on in ages. This morning I get an email from Paypal that I’ve taken it up the ass for $165 for an auto-renewal of a six month subscription. Match doesn’t email you to warn you, because apparently that’s how they make most of their money, and Depressed Me totally was not on top of things to cancel it. 

Ah well, fuck it I guess.


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