Damned damned needles.

I am so nauseous (apparently a side effect of lithium.). I had to call the pharmacy three times before I actually got to speak to a pharmacist, who’s going to fax my psychiatrist to see if he will write a prescription for a lower dose. In the meantime, she said I could take Gravol, and I had one injectable dose here with me (pre-filled needles, for migraine) so I went to the washroom here at work and the fucking needle fell apart when I was trying to get the air bubbles out. So I found some chlorpromazine in my bag and fell asleep for 5 or 6 hours, then I woke up (a nightmare I think caused it) and here we are.

Anyway I am not gonna take the antidepressants or lithium tonight and try to remember to pack more Gravol in my purse tomorrow morning. Good times.


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