we’re not the same after all.

I would guess, looking at WordPress’ little summary, that the number of blog posts I write increases the more depressed I get. Interesting.

Anyway, I felt close to tears for the first time today; a girl I work with is moving across the country, and I didn’t think she’d found a new job yet, and was amazed that she was just offering to give her furniture away instead of selling it on Kijiji.

Then today I found out what her husband does. He’s got a Big, Important, Executive Well-Paying job so they are certainly not hurting for finances, and certainly not living pay check to paycheck like I am. It just made me sad, that I thought I was like her but it ends up turning out that everyone is “winning” more than I am – owning homes, having partners, solid careers – and I’m no better off in many ways than I was years ago; I haven’t made any progress.  Sad.


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