Maybe depression is like poverty.

I think the thing that is bugging me most about dealing with a psychiatrist (or any people, really) is the idea that it’s totally possible to build a worthwhile, fulfilling life and if you commit suicide you are giving up because you just haven’t found the right treatment or hung in with it long enough yet.

I think it is generally accepted now that poverty isn’t just a matter of people needing to “work harder” and then they would have financially successful, stable lives – there are systemic factors at work. has some good articles about poverty (yes, on a comedy site.) 

So why is depression the mental health equivalent of old-school poverty, where surely if I really buckled down, pulled myself up by the bootstraps, hung on and waited for the new antidepressant to work (which is $30 a week and not covered by either of my out-of-pocket health insurance plans) I’d inevitably feel the “wonder of living” (watch that sarcasm there doesn’t drip straight into your keyboard!)


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