How do not-depressed people face the day?

There is so much about little things seeming so hard that makes it so tempting to just roll over and shut my eyes.

I need to change my sheets, for example, but so I have to get out of bed and take everything off the bed and put new sheets on the bed and then put the old linens in the hamper where I’m going to have to gather up money and detergent and go across the hall and put them in the washer and set an alarm so I remember to go get them, then more change and another timer for the dryer, and then folding flat sheet, fitted sheet, pillowcases and putting them in the closet? That’s like 40 steps and I have the energy to do, like, five.  If I did do all that I’d have clean sheets, which is great, but I also need clean clothes and food to eat and alllll the other chores that need doing… and I recognize that adulting my way into clean linens is not a big deal, so then I am wiped from the effort and having manufactured enough motivation, and then I feel bad that it did take that much effort… just writing about it has made me want to go back to sleep.


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