I’m a Spoonie.

Two weeks after my last post, five migraine free days total.  I had such an awful one Friday, thank God I was able to leave work early. I started sweating and feeling like speech was difficult and got home just in time to spend the next ten hours in bed while a thunderstorm raged.

So yeah, I get the idea of being a Spoonie. I just get either twelve or one spoons a day it seems.



A day with migraine.

I’ve had migraines for so many days in a row, like coming up on a month minus 3 scattered days. I get one every time there is a thunderstorm and we have been having such stormy weather.

Today went like this:

7:05 am – Alarm goes off. Realize I have a migraine. Take two Dexedrine because I  have work to do, I cannot afford to sleep.

11:30 am – Someone calls with an appointment reminder for next week but I’m out of it and not awake, so I mm-hmm without really listening. I’ll need to see if I can find my appointment card but if not I’ll be giving them a call back.

2:30 pm – Shit! I’ve slept all day! Take a migraine drug and pull on some jeans. Look at the weather. The barometric pressure is falling. Of course it is, just my luck! I have to go get some files from the office before they close, at the very least, so I can work on them tonight.

3:00 pm: Manage to get to the office. This Starbucks frappuccino will have to serve as breakfast and lunch. Maybe dinner, too.

3:30 pm: Leave office. My stupid glasses nosepiece has fallen off so I decide to stop to get it fixed.

3:45 pm: Driving past trees when the sun is out makes it go lightdarklightdarklightdark. My left eyeball feels bigger than my right.

4:00 pm: Turn the car off without putting it into park first. I’m getting clammy and sweaty, like sweat dripping down my neck sweaty.

7:00 pm: Definitely in migraine hangover. My head doesn’t exactly hurt anymore but I’m exhausted. I am going to have to lie down for a while but I don’t know if I should try to force myself to get up and work (on the computer) later or just write off the evening. I need to not have a migraine tomorrow because I’m really behind for work. I have a sick, anxious feeling in the pit of my stomach. Maybe I’m getting an ulcer (again) too.  This sucks so much. I don’t know what I’ll do if I can’t keep working.