That’s where the time goes…

The last time I saw my counsellor I complained (again) about how much time migraines seem to suck up, and how I don’t want to track them in my regular daytimer because that makes them seem like an overlay of my life. I had just had one on two consecutive days, and literally couldn’t remember what I’d taken for it. I keep my meds in my nightstand so sometimes I’ll wake up in the morning with a vague memory of having woken in the night and then I’ll see an empty foil blister pack which is like “proof” that it wasn’t a dream.

Anyway, I bought a little notebook on Monday at his suggestion, to keep by my bed so I can jot down when I take a Percoset or whatever so at least I won’t fry my liver. And suddenly it’s clearer why I look back on a week and think “gee, I haven’t gotten anything done”:

Sunday May 15: migraine, slept all day

Monday May 16: migraine settled down mid-day, went to counsellor

Tuesday May 17: everything okey-dokey

Wedneday May 18: Thunderstormy weather. Ordered migraine meds from pharmacy but couldn’t get it together to go get them. Couldn’t fall asleep because my head hurt too much. Ended up taking 2 Percoset, a Tramadol and a sleeping pill late at night.

Thursday May 19: Holy shit! I woke up and the world is exploding in my head. At noon I dragged myself to the pharmacy and during the five-minute wait I was sweating and weaving and thought i was in more danger of puking in public than I have been in years.  Popped out a migraine pill while my debit card was going through. Came home and injected Gravol, then smoked some pot for the first time in months.  Got it under control but that was it for the day.

Friday May 20: Woke up with a “headache hangover.”  I had been having weird vivid dreams. I’m tired and unmotivated.

So I am kind of pissed off. For this entire last week, one day? One freaking day is all I get? No wonder I feel like I don’t have time to accomplish anything…


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