A&E Intervention: I hate you

This is one of the shows that I’ll capture on PVR for a five-minute viewing: the first two and the last three minutes.  The midle is really just filler.

“Lyndsey is addicted to Oxycontin. She injects $200 a day.”

Then the middle part is how she spirals down into addiction, spends her family’s money, gets belligerent when she’s wasted, etc. etc.  Then at the end they all read the letters, and Lyndsey goes off for three months of free treatment while all her obligations at home from rent to kids to pets are totally taken care of.

Well, isn’t that just dandy.  For Lindsay. And I know that they’re addicts, not bad people, and that they are sick, not evil.  So what’s my beef?  There is some element of choice in addiction, but that is a separate conversation.  What I want to know is, where’s the show for people with mental health issues and/ or physical illness?!

No one is lining up to say “you are depressed, we want to set you up with 90 days inpatient private treatment” or “your migraines are disabling. Let’s get you into a pain clinic for 3 months.” or ” let’s fund your treatment for PTSD so you can focus just on that.”

It’s a shame.


Where did the month go?

I can’t believe it’s April 19th.  Where the fuck has the month gone??  I mean if I sit down and go over each day I can reconstruct where each day actually went but holy shit, we’re like ⅔ of the way through the month and I’ve gotten nothing really done.  And by ‘nothing’ I mean ‘little bits of each thing but not enough to add up to anything important.’

I never manage to chip down to actually accomplishing more than just treading water before I get a migraine or have to spend time on something else that’s critical because it’s all becoming overwhelming at the same time!