A list of the careers my health has stolen from me

Careers I would have liked the freedom to choose, or not:

  • Military/police
  • Pilot/air traffic controller
  • University prof
  • Medical personnel (medical tech, EMT, nurse, etc)
  • Any entry level job (retail, foodservice, etc)
  • Reporter/writer for a weekly or daily publication
  • Chef


Basically any job where you can’t call in sick two dozen days a year and still keep your job.  If I work full time, I can make up hours if I work on a flexible schedule…the problem with that is that if I have a sick day and make up the time that is essentially a six-day week for me.  I then have to do chores on day 7 because I need to make hay while the sun shines, which means socializing and relaxation get pushed to the backseat, which increases my stress and fatigue, which increases the chance of migraine.


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