EI seems fucked up.

According to what I looked up on EI today, if you work while collecting EI, no matter how little or how much, it still counts against your weeks of eligibility!  So whether you earn $350 and they give you $50 in a week, or you collect $400 from them in a week, it still counts as one of your limited number of weeks!

I didn’t realize that before!!

So, if I do contract work part-time instead of hunting for a job full-time, it actually does me no good at all.

I just don’t think I can handle being flat broke and starting over one more time.

I tried to pick up milk on my way home — I have a good migraine brewing so I was taking a triptan and advil and swigs of Pepsi — and they were sold out of all of the milk I like as usual — so I got a carton of skim milk with omega-3 or whatever it was, and headed to the registers to find long lines and no express lanes open.  So fuck it – I dropped my basket then and there and walked out and drove home.



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