Small victories

I  slept in today, until super late (even worse with the daylight fuck-you time) and hate how I end up starting a work week feeling like I have got nothing done.  For some reason putting laundry away seems overwhelming for example, so it will stay loosely folded in the basket until I take it out to wear.

I thought it might help if I write down what I’m doing as I go — like a “to-do” list but just for the already dones:

  • showered and brushed my teeth
  • put on actual clothing (not pj’s)
  • emptied the garbage
  • filled the water filter

Not very impressive so far.  OH!  I should totally get points because I got the Blue Cross application sent off, and because it’s within 30 days of my previous coverage ending there’s no waiting period.  I totally thought I would have to wait three months for it to kick in so the continuous coverage is an unexpected bonus. The problem with prescriptions is I only get a month’s worth at a time, partly because of the benefits limitations and partly because my psychiatrist is strangely reluctant to give me hundreds of pills at a time (I’m not going to overdose, I’m going to hang myself – if and when, – I told him. Ha!). Anyway yay me for being on top of one big stressor at least…


Edit: Loaded the dishwasher then crashed for a three hour nap.  I’m totally exhausted so may not get up again until tomorrow.


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