I hate it when people talk out their ass.

So I was looking up health insurance plans today because my job is ending soon. I was looking at my local Blue Cross and my co-worker was like “They rip people off.”  I was like “No actually, they don’t — they are the government’s provider for poor people health coverage, so I don’t think you can do any better” and she was like “You should shop around.”

Challenge accepted… so I looked up two or three other companies with a couple of options (low-tier or high-tier) for each plan.  I made a spreadsheet and everything.  Uh, Blue Cross is far and away the best.  They don’t have an upper annual limit for prescription costs,  — I might have seen $10,000 somewhere, but I couldn’t find it again in the brochure – and your copay is a maximum of $25.  The other plans capped their coverage at $1500 – $6000 a year, with 10-30% deductible and then premiums that were way more expensive (like up to 4 times the price).  So out of pocket, including premiums and deductibles, it would cost me less than $2000 a year with Blue Cross and over $10,000 for some of the other insurers. That’s a big fucking difference, right?!

So how exactly are they a ripoff, I asked my coworker? Because Apparently some pregnant chick went to Hawaii, had a preemie, and then her health care coverage – which my coworker thought was Blue Cross – wouldn’t pay the $200,000 tab, ostensibly because she had a pre-existing condition. Um okay, do you actually think that any of the private FOR PROFIT insurance companies would have paid out that claim if they could find any grounds (like a pre-existing condition) not to? Ya, no.  It’s easy to be like “ooooo, a bay-bee” and diss that company but it doesn’t actually. make. sense. as a criticism.

So don’t just SAY shit if you don’t have your facts straight, because nothing riles me up more!  I don’t fucking well open my mouth if I don’t know what I’m talking about. I’m always amazed at people’s willingness to just spout off.  Of course when I asked for specifics – here are the figures I’ve researched, what else do you have besides “I heard they wouldn’t pay for a pregnant lady” in defense of your “they’re a ripoff” opinion?  Oh, nothing?  Okay then.

It wasted half an hour of my time looking up private insurance plans only to find my out-of-pocket costs would be way more than going ahead with what I had originally planned, just because I put some weight into my coworker’s opinion before I realized it was totally unfounded.

What kills me is, she wouldn’t admit I was right!  She was just like, “everyone has to find what’s best for them” and shrugged it off when I said that I didn’t see how they could ever not be the best alternative for someone who qualifies for subsidies.  It’s shit like this that perpetuates urban legends. Grr.




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