Groceries, and the lack thereof.

I need to get some, and it’s too big a task for me to cope with apparently, because I haven’t gotten any in a long time.  Like a month or so.  I’m living off milk, protein bars, and apples, which is great for losing weight but made my psychiatrist squinch up his face and suggest gently that maybe it would be good to try for a more balanced diet, because we need different nutrients in our bodies.  Then he wrote an order for a shit-ton of lab tests – fasting blood work, urine, an EKG, the whole nine yards.

Oh, also yogurt. Does that count?  I remember microwaving a bowl of green beans about ten days ago… I had a pan of frozen lasagna in February… oh yes, and I baked some chicken strips last weekend.  Really, though, I can count the number of times I’ve eaten other things since January on one hand.  It isn’t even on purpose; I have tried to make a list but can’t decide what to get and don’t have the energy to get it. Then I certainly don’t have the energy to actually fix anything and I’m not hungry anyway.  Milk, apples and protein bars don’t spoil quickly and don’t need fixing.

Not having the energy to go grocery shopping is one thing but not frying an egg or microwaving some frozen veggies, or even boiling water for pasta or something. WTF is wrong with me?  Oh yeah, right…


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