Round and round the cycle goes…

Aaand I’m about to be out of a job again in a few short weeks.  I don’t even have anything to say about that at the moment. I’ve known for some time but only gotten it together to apply for two jobs, neither of which I got an interview for.  I had plans to apply for a third but then had a migraine for the entire long weekend, so I missed the deadline and now I’m back to “barely coping with life tasks, like organizing clean underwear.”

Depression is A-1 for weight loss, I’ve been losing a couple of pounds a week without any real effort, partly because I don’t feel hungry and partly because I can’t pull it together enough to cook.  I had pan fried a veggie burger like two weeks ago and the pan sat on the stove until I finally gave up hope I could wash it properly and put it in the dishwasher instead (goobye, nonstick finish.)



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