Heaven, or retirement

will be never having to get up and go to work when you are in pain.


I’d rather be a widow

If you are widowed, you know you husband still loved you… you could go on with your life thinking, “He would have wanted me to…”

When your partner leaves you, you know they don’t love you and perhaps never did. This is so tragic.

Self-Harm and Spirit Leaves

Nettle leaves…

From anniesremedy.com: “Called “wergulu” in old Wessex in the tenth century, nettle was one of the nine sacred herbs, along with mugwort, plantain, watercress, chamomile, crab apple, chervil, and fennel.”

Full of serotonin, the leaves hurt when put on intact skin but can feel good when put on injured areas.  Is this the mathmagic of self-harm?  That pain plus pain equals healing, and those who were never wounded can never understand?