March 2013: “HR is behind this door…”

So I was let go from my job.  A “no fault” termination (bullshit HR term), which means I can collect unemployment insurance, at least. This brings my life into parallel with the last time I completed this cycle.

When I was with Ex1, five years ago, I had to go on disability because of the depression.  Then I had to go back to work, despite not being any better, because I’d used up all the time off permitted. Right after going back, Ex1 dumped me.  Right after that, I was let go from my job (which was shitty but I really was in no shape to work).

So, yeah…TheEx, who knew this history explicitly, decided to dump me on Valentine’s Day weekend, just after I had to return to work from short-term disability leave, and now I have got let go from my job… is this Groundhog Day or something??