December 17, 2013: The Cat is Sick

Butler (my cat) seemed really unhappy today. Not in a depressed way, but as if he were in pain or uncomfortable. He crawled into the smallest cubby part of his cat tree and stayed in there for hours. usually you wouldn’t even be able to shove him in there for all of the tea in China. He’s much more likely to want to sprawl out across the entire loveseat, or lay on his cat basket which is a good couple feet wide, or be on the bed, but in any case he’s all about stretching out. so it was completely unusual for him to be crawling into this tiny little part of this cat tree.

The other thing is that he was meowing, and not just a curious meow, or an “I’m hungry” meow, but this agitated sort of meow over and over and over and over. it was driving me completely crazy. I thought there was something wrong, and that he was suffering, and I couldn’t stand to see it. or rather, to hear it. He had had a few other symptoms over the past month or so; for example, he’s been throwing up, where he’ll eat and then throw up a pile of the chunks or shreds. He hasn’t been grooming himself properly, so he had dandruffy skin in spots, and clumps of matted hair. Anyway, today it just got really bad all at once.

I remember when my uncle Willy, who doesn’t really have a sensitive or sympathetic bone in his body, told us about how he had found a kitten curled up on the engine block of his car, and he just quickly wrung his neck to kill it. I thought if he was here now, I would ask him to do that in a second. Butler sounded that bad. Anyway, I thought the best thing to do was to take him to be put to sleep. I looked up the city pound, thinking that they might be able to do it inexpensively, but they charge more if you want to stay with the cat instead of just dropping it off and leaving. in any case, it was still pretty expensive, so I called my vet, who said I could bring him in that evening.

I waffled back-and-forth, and then decided to go ahead and have what they called a “quality-of-life exam.” I thought it was going to be a waste of money, because whatever was wrong with Butler was not going to be something worth treating, or for that matter anything I could afford to treat, but in the end I decided to go for it.


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