Dec. 9, 2013: Treatment #8

I didn’t have to have a shot today (of sodium citrate), which I didn’t mind. TheEx spent practically the entire weekend reorienting me to my time, place, and situation. I don’t know why, but I totally lost my recollection and grasp of the situation. That is, I didn’t remember getting depressed, being off work, or beginning ECT. As far as I was concerned, it may as well have been the beginning of October.

When TheEx took me to the hospital this morning, he spoke with my psychiatrist and explained the extent of my memory loss. Dr. F asked me who was with me during the day. Unluckily, because TheEx doesn’t get time off to keep me company, I’m by myself. I don’t remember hardly a thing. I don’t remember the last time I saw Deanna (my psychologist), I don’t remember the last time I drove my car, I don’t remember going over to my friend’s house a couple of weeks ago, which apparently I did, and I don’t remember any of my banking pins or computing passwords. I wonder if I was to see my friend’s house again though, if it would seem familiar, the same way that I recognize things at the hospital (like the tray of play-doh that looks like rocks or stones out in the pod area at the hospital.).

I have a bruise on the back of my right hand because apparently the veins collapsed or did whatever they did when veins don’t cooperate when they try and stick a needle in, so they had to use my left hand. and yes, pure oxygen still does smell notably like old boots. Other than that, there were no surprises in today’s experience.


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