Nov. 22, 2013: Treatment #2

Today was much more disconcerting. I woke up in the recovery room and I didn’t remember waking up the first time. When you first come out of anesthetic, they make sure that you are okay and alert. I don’t remember that at all. I just remember waking up in my little curtained cubicle by myself.

Then I had some memory loss. I couldn’t remember if I had a job and if so, what it was. It’s as if you are trying to remember something that’s 20 years in the past but wasn’t an important piece of information to begin with, like the kid’s name who sat in the back corner of your grade 2 class. I did remember after a few minutes that I had a job and what it was, but then I couldn’t quite remember what my house looks like. Anyway, I went to go sit in the waiting room and realized that I had a headache, although it wasn’t a migraine but rather a regular headache on both sides of my head.

When my ex came to pick me up & sign me out, the nurse said “we’ll see you Monday” and I said “Monday?” and the nurse looked at me and said “it’s Friday.” Then she commented that I was a little worse today. Well, I can’t argue with that.

I don’t feel any different moodwise yet. Some of the accounts I’ve read of ECT have people saying that when they woke up they realized that something had lifted, but that’s not the case for me yet. I really hope that this works in the next few treatments, because if it doesn’t they’ll switch to bilateral ECT and that’s much harder on the brain.


One thought on “Nov. 22, 2013: Treatment #2

  1. Hey… Fingers crossed that this will make a difference. I think you’re amazing, and smart, and really brave to be doing this. I admire you.

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