Oct. 29, 2013: A Referral for ECT

I had asked my psychiatrist about ECT I think a year ago and he basically said that the waitlist was so long that it wasn’t really a realistic option. when I last went to see him, I was pretty explicit about my suicidal ideation, having rehearsed with Deanna (my psychologist) and damn if that didn’t catapult him into action.

I saw him Friday midafternoon, and then I got a call from the ECT psychiatrist with an appointment time at 10 o’clock Monday morning. So, I see her next week, she is supposed to write some sort of report and send it back to my original psychiatrist who sees me on the 14th, and then if she agrees that’s a good option we go ahead and schedule it, I guess.


October 27, 2013: Preface

So the backstory is, I’ve battled clinical depression throughout my life.  Fall 2013 was probably my fourth or fifth round with it, and after months of taking my medications to absolutely no effect I decided to demand ECT from my psychiatrist, which is where this story begins…